Welcome to People Over Pixels

I’m MJ. A product designer on a journey to figure out how to build useful products & services. With a key goal to make this world a better place for everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if you now think it sounds like a pretty bold task. It is an initiative that is not possible to achieve by one man himself.

Early in my life, I learned that I need big thinkers around me to do this. People who can think deeper, bolder, wiser. Peers who can challenge me but also share advice.

People over Pixels is a diary of my tinkering design, leadership, life thoughts, and learnings from others along the way. It is about those we design for, but the same way about those we design with. I hope you & I can both seek growth through these essays. In the end, if I fail in this ambitious task of creating a better product, team, world, it gives me at least a chance to become a journalist. Or not…


Martin Jancik
Product Design @Kiwi.com. Traveling the world and designing stuff. Absolutely addicted to running!