Actually, this is a 2021 experiment...

The start of a journey to produce meaningful content and learn along the way.

Welcome to the first post of People Over Pixels.

For the last couple of years, I used to write on You can check some of the old writings. Although I gathered a smaller audience of followers, I haven’t really felt connected to them. I realized that my goal is not really to produce a big reach and become an influencer. I would rather be part of a smaller community that can spark a discussion and provide feedback.

I wanted to focus on a quality conversation and a more personal connection with the people who care about similar stuff. Therefore I decided to do an experiment and switch from a medium blogging platform to a newsletter approach. This way, I assume that we will push to go deeper into the problems.

My personal objective is to produce at least 6 newsletters during 2021 with quality content focused on the design world. The secondary key result would be to reach 100 subscribers who enjoy reading the content. Thanks a lot for helping me on this journey.

In the meantime, tell your friends!